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ADWIN Electric Circuits Fundamental Curriculum

[ADWIN Electric Circuits Fundamental Curriculum] is developed to master the fundamental theorem and skills of Electric Circuits from DC circuits to 3 phases AC in safe & easy experiments.

The Concept of the curriculum

We believe that experiments are crucial to master the circuit theorem.However, it seems to be dangerous to let students deal high voltage more than 100V.So we have developed the safe and easy power source, which need only the wall consents power equipped in classrooms. It provides 1φ,2φ and 3φ AC5V, 40V, and 80V. Normally 3φ power source is provided directly to the factories which need rather big electric power around 200V and very dangerous when miss handled, cause significant damage to human and the power source itself.

Key futures

1. Problem based learning in which students can learn the subject through the problem solving using experimental kits.
2. Consists of instruction DVD, a textbook and the experimental kit. Instructor’s role is to facilitate course by guiding, monitoring and encouraging students.
3. From the DC circuit basics to 3 phase AC circuit basics are systematically assembled as a course build in DVD and textbook.(PDF)
4. Safe & easy power source for students.
5. Compact package to carry around.

Power (Signal) source Specification

Input Power : AC100V 50Hz/ 60Hz
Output Voltage : 5V, 40V, 80V (effective value of phase voltage, under no load )
Output Frequency: from 40 to 120Hz, adjustable in 1Hz resolution.
Crimp-style terminal : 1.25-YAS3 output terminal
Output Currency : Maximum 0.28A
Dimension : W 393 / D 250 / H 147 (mm)
Weight : 3.9 kg

E-mail : hanbai@adwin.com

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